A Note To Santa

Hanging the last piece of the Christmas bell

What do I want for Christmas?; I asked myself.

Maybe a sponge cake with whipped cream and cheese.?

Maybe a vacation for two to the Caribbean?

‘You should write to Santa’; tiny whisper from the good angel.

Dear Santa,

I really don’t know what I want for Christmas,

although I want happiness, perfection and not to forget a love that would always last.

Santa this year I’m missing out from the fun part;

my soul occupied a body with no heart.

Days smell like summer; my night winter.

I’m a miss with no mister.

I want someone I could try new recipes with.

Play the game fair and keep the sheets neat.

Santa I’ve been romancing the mistletoe with the scents of my cologne!

The leaves on my skin; wind on my hair; I can call them my own.

I just need a love that would always feel like summer.

Hey Santa I decorated the chimney,

grand entrance for you and Him.

He shouldn’t have any specific quality at all;

well… A smile to make me fall.

Yes, I didn’t forget your milk and cookies.

I dropped two glasses; one for you and one for my Ruby.

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